Exotic Cars How Much Do They Cost To Rent?

Exotic cars are sure fun and they can be quite the expensive toy if you don’t know what your doing…

for instance to get a simple maintenance work done on your exotic car for example replacing the break pads and possibly rotors well that could cost several thousands dollars due to the extremely expensive materials and parts

So lets get into prices

the lowest price can range anywhere from 200-300 per day depending on the car and the milage you plan on putting on it

with that being said most exotic car rental agency’s have a strict 100 miles per day policy if you go over that you will be charged per mile

and the most expensive cars can go anywhere from $2000 to upwards of 4 grand per day to rent depending on the car the total cost of the car, how rare the car is

The reasons why most exotic rental prices sore is because they are very expensive to maintain and ensure

and on top of that if you wish to rent a super rare car for example Lamborghini Veneno of course its going to cost a lot because not everyone has that car siting in their back yard

5 Top Exotic cars to rent without breaking the Bank

  1. Audi R8: This car has a more reasonable price tag along with a lot of fun both engines are amazing v8-v10 both offer superior performance and there specific thrill even though I would personally go with the V10 because I just love the V10 Exhaust sound it just sounds like a beast to me
  2. Bently GT Coupe: this car rental price can very depending on the year of the car  Depending on the year but this car is just amazing ride with its perks like back messages and heated and cooled seats there is nothing like this car when it comes to a comfortable ride and smooth acceleration and just plain cruise, it literally can put your passengers to sleep since it handles so smoothly with acceleration and yet with the push of the gas paddle has more then enough power to wake every one up in a heartbeat
  3. Corvette: no doubt an amazing car to be driving in no matter what year you choose it is a beast it will give you butterflies when you rev or when you choose to man or woman up and actually hit the gas it will fly, yet to say it might not be the most powerful car in the exotic rental fleet but is sure is fun
  4. Maserati GrandTurismo: if you like luxury with a little bit of umf then this car is suitable for you it is an amazing ride with plenty of luxuries and speed, it will defiantly one of those cars you would want to take home to your spouse and not regret it. its so sexy and sleek it gets so much attention, when you look at the front grill you will understand why… it looks like a rich persons car and no doubt it is.
  5. Porsche Panamera: I have absolute love for this car its great it has luxury it has speed but what sets this beast apart from any other car that I mentioned here is that it is super practical due to the fact that it can seat up to 5 people 4 if you go with the executive package which makes the back seats super comfortable for exclusive guests, even though its super practical don’t let it fool you its fast, its probably one of the best grocery getting cars out there, because it makes fun when you take the whole family along for the fun


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